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About Us

Established in 2020, Mr. Jeep has been helping clients, friends, and family with safe transportation and long term off-road and overlanding vehicle upgrades and goals. ​

Shahab Zakeri, the founder of Mr. Jeep who conceived the idea for his company out of his 15 year+ experience at Chrysler Canada. His proactive approach and deep knowledge in modification of original and aftermarket parts has built him an outstanding reputation throughout Toronto.

In 2022, Alireza Zamani joined Shahab to bring things to the next level. Alireza's corporate and management skills empowers Mr. Jeep with day-to-day operations. 


Mr. Jeep is a place for enthusiasts to bring their toys to the shop and convert dreams into reality. We focus on community building strategies to go off-roading, camping, and enjoy nature. Safety and quality of work will ensure our like minded community is well taken care of.


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